Research report

Cover and pub­li­ca­tion ~450 €

If your manuscript meets our quality standards, we can publish it for you in PDF format. This cost effective service contains quality control, cover page, ISBN or ISSN number, and publication. However, we also recommend you to get your work peer reviewed via us, as peer reviewed publications have a significantly higher chance to break through in the media and among the wider academic audience. We will charge 950 € for finding the peer reviewer and for the execution of the peer review. 

Reference customer: The Research Group TASSU was interviewed in the national Swedish radio and in the Huvudstadsbladet after their peer reviewed report about the benefits of face-masks was published.


Research report

Editing, cover page, and pub­li­ca­tion ~1400 €

This service is targeted for affiliated university researchers and projects, who already have a funding, but are lacking a suitable publisher. We will edit, book-fold, and finalize your research report and publish it in PDF format, giving you also the ISBN or ISSN code that you need. Your work will be found by search engines, and is presented at our web pages.


PDF book

Peer review, polish-up, and PDF pub­li­ca­tion ~2000 €

If your manuscript meets our quality standard, we can organize a peer review for the central part of your book (max 40 pages). After you have handled the peer review comments, we will do a technical polish-up of your book checking its language, cross references and pagination, and publish it as a PDF. You can decide, whether you wish to provide the book free of charge in PDF format, and then later on publish the final edition of the book as a printed book.

Reference customer: The authors of the book Atlas and Herakles.

Laumavaiston varassa -kirjan kansikuva

Hard-cover book

Financing + pub­li­ca­tion ~8000 €

Hard-cover books require a solid funding. We will instruct you about how to apply for crowd funding and how to get pre-orders for your book. Once this is settled, we will edit your book and print it. The printed books will be sent to you, so that you can deliver the books to customers (who made a pre-order) with your signature. The printing of a hard-cover book can be the final step in your project, once you have already raised the interest of the public audience and the media with your first PDF edition of the book.

Example of an animated meme

Th e results of scientific studies are worth presenting in the form of clear and catchy memes, which can be easily distributed in social media. The idea of the memes is to drive traffick to the web page of your book, and to induce downloads and purchases.