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According to this research report, facemasks were not recommended to the wider public in spring 2020, because they were argued to be so useless, that their benefits could not be proven in RCT studies, and yet so useful that all masks should have been preserved for healthcare workers. The study was performed using memetic discourse analysis.

Published: 2021-01-15

Authors: Harlin, Malmi, Kirjavainen, Rissanen & Brand

Availability: PDF download free of charge

Laumavaiston varassa -kirjan kansikuva

According to Laumavaiston varassa, which is currently available in Finnish only, the general social mood determines  the cycles of human behavior in the field of economics, politics, and even in music. 

Published: 2022-02-15

Author: Dr. Mikko Ketovuori

Availability: The book is available in Finnish bookstores, at the price of approximately 35€


Our newest book, Atlas and Herakles, presents the Africa-India-Europe theory, according to which the the Indian cultures extended all the way to Western Europe already during the Bronze Age, using the sea route around Africa. This theory is based on genetic, archaeological, historical, linguistic, and onomastic evidence. The genetic argumentation of the book has been peer reviewed.

Published: 2022-12-28

Authors: Malmi, Isomäki, Iorco, Brohi & Pal

Availability: PDF download free of charge



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