Agile Publis­hing

Cross scien­ti­fic publica­tions on int­ri­guing topics

Agile Publishing Oy was founded by the research group TASSU in November 2020. In January 2021, we won 25,000 € in the ThinkInk innovation competition with our publication model that offers funding for authors, and peer reviewed publications for our end-customers, free of charge.

Our mission is to publish interesting and useful scientific texts that cross the limits of individual sciences. Our first theme for 2020 was COVID-19, of which we have published 10 publications. Year 2022 we are focusing at a new theme, History and Society.


Services for authors

Funding, reviews, publica­tion and promotion

Editorial review: For 250 € we will review and comment your article (max 20 pages), and for a book of max 350 pages our price is 500 €. At this stage, we will reject 10% of the manuscripts sent by PhD's and 20% of manuscripts sent by MSc's. 

Application for funds: If we see potential in your work, we will  create an application for funds for your project. If the application succeeds, you will not pay anything for the services mentioned below! However, we need your help for making the application a success.

Cover and lay-out : For 250 € we will find a suitable image to act as the cover of your work. We will help you in the technical finalization of your work, and convert it to a protected PDF, which permits comments but no editing.

Publication of a preprint: If your work has an acceptable cover and lay-out, we will publish it for 250 € in our series "Call for Comments", which means that it will get an ISSN number, making it possible for other authors to quote it. 

Peer reviews: For approximately 1400 € we will organize and finance two peer reviews for your article. Selected Ph.D. level peer reviewers of the field of your work will  give you comments and require  improvements in order for the work to be accepted as a peer reviewed publication. If you want a peer review for a book, the price is at least double.

Final publication: Once you have made the required changes to the work, we will publish your book as a monograph PDF that will get an ISBN number, or as a PDF article, that will get an ISSN. The final publication must have an acceptable cover and lay-out. Please note that we will accept no more than 50% of received manuscripts to our main publication series. (This limit does not apply to peer reviewed works, which are published or rejected based on the review comments.)

Multimedia: For 400 € we will make a short animation that tells about your work, and which will attract people to click into your actual work and read it.

Promotion: For 500 € we will promote your work with a blog, a press release, and social media feeds to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Mentoring: Our partner, professor Juha Hakala, who has mentored almost 1000 theses, will offer mentoring services for scholars doing their master's or doctor's thesis. The price of this mentoring is 100 €/h.

Contact us or send us your manuscript for a review!


Chief Executive Officier: Esko Clarke Sario

esko.clarkesario  [atdomain]

Board of Directors: Mikko Ketovuori, Hannu Huttunen

Editorial Board: Ali Harlin, Mikko Ketovuori, Jussi Okkonen

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