Data Privacy Policy

This Data Privacy Policy is based on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of EU.  It has been written 2021-04-21 and the latest update is from 2022-12-16.


Agile Publishing Oy
Visakoivunkuja 15 F 42
02130 ESPOO

Registration number 0914241-9

Registered parties

  • Customer (contact person)
  • Potential customer (contact person)
  • Copyright owners of our publications
  • Partners (contact person)
  • Employees
  • Users of web pages

Purpose of registering information

The information will be used for maintaining our customer and partner relations, for publishing publications, for communications and marketing, for human resource management, and for the improvement of our web pages. 

We do not actively collect or register information of our web page users, and if third parties collect such information, we are not utilizing that information. For our customers and partners, the basis of registering information is the execution of a contract that exists between Agile Publishing and the customer or partner.

The information concerning our corporate partners will be used only for communication and marketing that is targeted to legal entities (not to private persons). If you are a private person, we will use your registered information for direct marketing only, if you have given us your consent. You have the right to withdraw your consent by contacting us at info (at)

The content of our registers

We maintain a structured Excel table that describes the content of all our registers.

Sources of information

  1. If we register you as a private person, we will have received your personal data directly from you, by e-mail or by an order form. The registration of your personal information is a prerequisite for a customer relationship. This means that you cannot order our services unless you provide us your contact information.
  2. If we register you as a representative of a company or other legal entity, we may collect your personal data from public sources.
  3. We do not actively collect IP addresses or other similar personal data from the usage of our web pages (unless you make a purchase order). If third parties collect such information, we will not utilize it.

The processing and transfer of your information

We use cloud services for storing registered information. Third parties do not have the right to use the information that may be stored on the cloud for any other purposes except for providing us back-ups due to our own needs.

Your personal data will not be transferred to any third party for marketing purposes or for other purposes described in this privacy statement, unless you have specifically given your consent, or unless there is a legal and necessary reason for data transfer.

Transfer of data outside EU and EEA

We do not transfer your personal data outside EU and EEA, except for using cloud services as data storage. The providers of these cloud services could possibly have the technical capacity to access your data. However, we have not given permission to the providers of cloud services or to any other third party to access the data that is stored in the cloud services.

Protection of personal data and the storage time of your data

We value and respect the privacy of your personal data. Our registers of personal information have been stored to a place that is protected by a firewall, and the registers are proteced by passwords, which are known only by the representatives of Agile Puglishing Oy.

We will erase all out-dated information. We will store information only as long as it is needed for meeting the objectives of data storage (mentioned in this Privacy Policy). Due to the laws concerning accounting, we may have to store some information longer than what would be otherwise needed based on the Data Privacy Policy.

The rights of the registered person

You have the right to withdraw your consent for direct marketing at any time by sending us a message to info (at) In addition, you have the right based on GDPR to:

  • receive information of the handling of your personal data;
  • get access to your own personal data and to check that it is correct;
  • request the correction of inaccurate or fallacious data;
  • request the removal of your personal data;
  • withdraw your consent for the registration and processing of your personal data (if the registration and processing was based on your consent);
  • deny from us the processing of your personal data, based on your specific current situation (if we have registered your information based on our legitimate interest);
  • receive a copy of your personal data in structured electronic format (assuming that you have delivered this information to us and we are processing the data automatically based on your consent) ; and
  • request a limitation for our processing of your personal data.

We have the right to ask you to clarify your request and to verify your identity before handling your request. We may also deny the request based on certain clauses of GDPR or legislation. 

You have the right to make a complaint to the concerned Supervisory Authority or to the Supervisory Authority of the EU country in which you live or work, if you think that we have not registered or processed your personal data according to GDPR or other relevant data privacy legislation.

You need to send your requests concerning data privacy and data processing to:

Agile Publishing Oy

Visakoivunkuja 15 F 42

02130 ESPOO